Company “Alvasari LLC” was established in 1996. and it is the first and biggest manufacturer of “Tahan halva” in Serbia. Our product is recognizable and it is prepared with original recipe made by old masters.

We are present in most domestic and international systems that operate in our country, such as: “Dis”, “Metro”, “Hiper cort”, “Univerexport”, “Mercator-Rodic”, Gomex, Veropoulos etc.

halva vanila halva sarena

Our tahan halva famous for its high quality is manufactured in three different flavors: chocolate, vanilla and peanuts. The main ingredient of halva is tahan that is 100% made from sesame with special procedure that involves peeling, roasting and grinding of the plant that is one of the healthiest in the world. Tahan contains more than 50% of sesame oil and we use only natural sesame from Africa.

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Import Products
smokva pistaci kutija

In addition to the production of halva, our company is engaged in importing dried fruit. Currently we import raisins, dried apricots, dried figs, pistachios, tomato concentrate and other types of goods by order and purpose. We are exclusive representatives and importers of goods for companies "AHT" and "Waled Ahmad Abous".

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